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You know that novel I banged on about for all of last year? Performance poetry/Whitby/bookshops, and all?

Well, it has found a home, and so has the book I am writing next/now/soon (depending on whether you consider lots of books with post-its in them and a noticeboard covered in more post-its and brightly coloured cards to be Actually Starting or not).

I couldn’t be more thrilled. My new editor and publisher are wonderful – and I was in the terrifying/brilliant position of having a choice – the books sold at auction, in the end, after what was doubtless the single most exciting/hideous week of my life.

You can read the details on The Bookseller website, here. 

Planning is at an early stage, but I will keep you posted on dates and shenanigans as the plans develop. (There are going to be a LOT of shenanigans.)