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It’s funny. You spend months and months waiting for Things To Happen with your book, and then they do Start To Happen, and it’s ridiculously wonderful and insanely exciting and utterly terrifying.

This time round, with #LostForWords, things are feeling a bit bigger than with previous publications.

For starters, I’ve never been quoted on a bag before.


Or on a postcard.


I’ve never had a publisher go to quite so much effort to get beautiful proofs into book enthusiasts’ hands so early before.

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(These are the packages that went to Kathryn and Victoria.)

And I’ve never had quite so much fun contributing to a mailshot before. The themes of this novel are poetry and books: so I made 1oo found poems from pages of proofs. (Those are the sheets you see above, tied in to the books.) The idea of found poetry is to create new work from existing words. I made poems from the words of Loveday’s story. It was a wonderful creative exercise – lovely to work in short-form, and rather therapeutic, once you’ve got over the tearing-pages-out-of-books thing. Here are two examples – the first is the prototype, the second when I was a bit more practiced.


I remembered 

metallic-blue sea over gravel. 

My eye fair smiled this time. 


I liked you when you knew your place – 

A stranger in my rough-and-ready heart. 

Make the bleeding stop. 


I’m working on some Secret Things with my daughter and then other Secret Things for a publication-day shenanigan. No photos of those (due to Secrecy).

But, it’s all good.

And, it’s all creating a nice counter-balance to the revisions of Next Book, which has its own #ThinkSock for the more puzzling bits.


All of which means there is NO TIME AT ALL to think about the best/worst thing about being an author: There are people out there, right now, reading my book. 

This month, proofs. In two months, Actual Books.

Absolutely and utterly too busy to think about that.

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  1. Anne Booth says:

    This looks wonderful.